Almost every business have a CMS!

Since a few years, every business need to manage their content on a CMS.
These days, small businesses need to go on mobile and manage their content through the best CMS of the mobile market. Here is the Reservoir Apps CMS.
One your account created, you already have a few tabs available. You can keep it, add some, remove some.
You are going to customize your App by selecting tabs and assign them background images.
You want to upload your own icon tab (you don’t want to have those inside). You want to check the color and text inside the App.
Ready to publish? We are going to review it and publish on stores for you.
(You can choose to let us publish on our own account or to publish on your own).
Once published, you will be able to manage/update/customize your app. No need to republish on stores.

The Reservoir Apps Team.

The “Direction View Tab”

The “Direction View Tab” allow you to add any address you want.
In this tab, users will see lines of address.

When they click on one of them, they will have the map with the direction to take to go on the place you entered.
You must name each of the directions you put on this tab.
Very useful when you make a “tourism” app.

The Reservoir Apps Team.

The Reservoir Apps CMS let you customize everything!

Screenshot to show the “Voice Recording Tab”

The Reservoir Apps CMS let Small Business create their own App on Android, iPhone, iPad and Html5 Website.
First creation of your App, then, once published, Manage and update of your App.
All part of the app is customizable. You need to push content on the homescreen? it’s ok, go ahead.
You need to switch tabs to put one in first position? it’s ok, go ahead.
You need to upload your own icons tabs, not those inside the CMS? it’s ok go ahead!
The Reservoir Apps Team.

The “Voice Recording Tab”


The “Voice Recording Tab” will allow you to give users the way to record voices.
Simply add the “Voice Recording Tab” and enter presentation text and email.
Users will see a micro icon to click on to record.
Then in the bottom of the screen, they will see the lines record.
They will be able to listen it and to send it to the mail you specified.
They will be able to erase the record.
Very useful for everyone, not only music band and musicians.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Let’s go mobile!


Let’s go mobile this year! let’s build your own professional App with no code knowledge.
Let’s enter the best CMS of the market, adding content tabs, background images to assign, tab icons to upload.
Header to choose, font text to select, color to validate.
Let’s customize your App before to submit it to stores.
Once done, you will be able to manage it the way you want.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

The “Google Ad Tab”


The “Google Ads Tab” will allow you to add your Unit ID for admob or dfp.
First you have to check “Show Ads within my app”.
Then you have to choose between admob and dfp.
Then you have to enter your Ad Unit ID and it’s done!
You will have your ads appear in the top of your app like in the image example on the right.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Easy to build, easy to manage!


You want to manage your App from the backend.
You want to be able to add by yourself content tab, images background, tab icons.
You want something easy to build, easy to understand, instantly!
The Reservoir Apps CMS is here for you to do that!
You never imagine one CMS so easy to manage.
Come to take a look and register for the 14 days free trial account:
I will be pleased to help you if you have more questions about it.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

The “Real Estate Tab”

The “Real Estate Tab” is for real estate agency who really need to have their business on mobile devices.
They will be able to add their products with a lot of details. Everything will be available online.

Users will be able to watch photos, details about Rooms, Roof, Architectural Style, Appliances, Parking and much much more.
A map is included in the tab to see where are the apartment, condo, etc…
Users can call directly the agency, see direction about it and send them an email.
The Reservoir Apps Team.
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