Subtabs are available in the Home Tab and above all in the Appearance, Home Screen section. It allow you to display additional tabs in the center of your screen.
Available for smartphones and tablets. You can display it only for iPad or to choose to display it both on smartphones and tablets.

In the Home Screen and Subtabs section you have to click on the “Add” button. You need to put a Tab Title, a Tab Label Text Color, a Text Color Shadow. You have to select a tab to be linked on and to make it active. Then you have to select one icon among the big archive.
Put special tabs in your screen, they will attract clients to new tabs!

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Each tab is customizable separately!

You can have different icon tabs & different tabs customization in your professional App made by the Reservoir Apps CMS.

You can customize each tab separately & differently and also your icon tabs. Because your icon tabs represent your tabs.
For example you can put one color per icon tab and one color per tab.
You can take the image of the icon tab and put it on your background image for the tab selected.

Everything is possible!
You are just limited by your imagination.

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Individual Tab Details


The Individual Tab Details is available when you select App Layout in the “Appearance” category.
Choose between your active tabs and edit. You will be able to change your icon tab and switch between the traditional to the modern one. You can have modern tab and traditional tab in the same app.

First you have to create separate appearance to your tab.
In the Appearance section, click on the top right “Create Separate Appearance” button.

Now you can change all settings from your tab without make any change to other tabs.

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This year, the mobile devices are becoming the first media to go to internet!


A pc is not anymore essential and your users are online with their mobile devices.
So your old website is not enough to keep them to your business.
Your entire work has to be online and on native apps. With native apps users can choose to watch content offline when they can’t be connected to the network.
Your business has to be in their pocket, available 24h a day.
You have to make regular modifications on your app and to inform your clients you just made it when you did!

Welcome to your first mobile marketing campaign!
Start to make push notifications and modifications on your home slider.

Come to check the Reservoir Apps CMS!
You have a 14 day free trial account!

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The huge icon tab archive available in the CMS!


You can build your own App in minutes with The Reservoir Apps CMS! You don’t need to know any code! You also don’t need to upload icon tabs or background images.
Maybe at least one background image for your home screen.

You don’t have to use any soft to resize images, the CMS will do it for you. Simply upload your images (the CMS will tell you the minimum size to upload), and it’s going to ask you if you want to resize it.

The big icon tab archive in the CMS will allow you to find the correct icons for your tabs. You have modern and traditional tabs to choose between. Icon tab and image background can be managed any time (remove, switch, add).

Let’s begin to preview your App and make more change!

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New Icon Tab


New icon tab are available! Now you have the choice between modern and traditional icon tab. When you Click on the “Add new tab” button in the “Functionality” category you will open the New App Tab Details. By default you now see the modern icon.
You can switch to the traditional one if needed.
Ready to change your old icon to new one?

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The Home Slider App

You need a native App for Android & iPhone where you can push your products on your home screen.

The Home Slider App will display your items with link to your selected tabs. Attract your clients with specific image background and start your mobile marketing campaign.

Your specific home slider will drive your users to your products the same way your push notification did. You can manage and reorganize your slides daily to fit your campaign.
Enter in the mobile world & in the Reservoir Apps CMS!

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The Link Editor


The Link Editor will allow you to put Tab Link on your Home Screen Sliders.
Go on Appearance, Background Images and check the 5 sliders on the left, in the Home Screen Sliders section.

Click on the link icon to open the Link Editor. It will show you a tab selector to let you choose the right tab for the right home screen slider. You are free to make any modification you need to put your products in front.

Users will click on the Home Screen Sliders and the App will open the linked tab chosen.
Very useful to make your mobile marketing campaign, associated to push notifications.

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