The “Message tab”


The “Message tab” is a very important Tab for your users.
You send push notifications regularly to them.

There is push with link to your website, there is push with link to one tab inside the App and there is push made with the big template archive inside the CMS.

The Message Tab you put into your App will categorize it.
You will see 4 different sub tab inside.
– “All”  is showing all your message.
– ” Web Url” is showing push with link to URL.
– ” Tab” is showing push with link to tab inside your App.
– ” Offers” is showing push made with templates.

User is inform about a push with the message center shortcut icon you can display or not in the home screen on top right or left.

IMG_8121 IMG_8122

IMG_8123 IMG_8124

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One CMS and One App!


The Reservoir Apps CMS build App for Smartphones and Tablets. You have to export images in different size (Classic Mobile, iPhone 5, Tablets) when you build your App.
You can select sub tabs to add in the center of your App only for iPad and Tablets.

Once your App is published, you will upload your content and it will be available on every devices in real time!
One CMS, One Professional App for Android & iOS and for Smartphone & Tablets.

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Header let you put a special image on the top screen of your App.
It can be your logo and even your slogan.

Go to Appearance, Appearance, Home Screen, Header.
A few parameter will help you to customize your header.

You have to select the background tint and the opacity of it when you already have choose a header in the list below.
– If you put the opacity button on the left you will see the header appearance.
– If you  put the button on the right it will show you the background tint only. You can choose to enable the “Use Default Header Size” or to let it disable to make manual modification.
Just below you can set the height of your header and his position. You can choose to have your header on the top right for example.

Right below you can choose to have no header or select one in the list. You also can choose to upload yours.

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Create, Publish and Manage your App!


The Reservoir Apps CMS let you build your professional App in minutes but not only.

Once your App has been review by our team and uploaded on stores, once it has been published, you will be able to manage your App.
To manage, upload, customize content and even modify the structure of the App. Only the icon app and the splash screen doesn’t change.

You can make any modifications you need about the font style, the color of the App, the icon tabs, the background images.
You can remove and add tab content by choosing it in the CMS.

You forgot to put an Image Gallery Tab and your App is published? No need to republish or to ask help. Add your Image tab and connect to your Flickr, Picasa, Instagram account or upload your images directly inside the CMS.

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Layout is taking a big place in your App. Especially about the tabs.
Go to Appearance, Appearance, Home Screen and Layout.
You will be able to customize tabs in your App. Position, Menu Style, Rows, Tab Number, Background and Status bar included.

On the right part of the screen you have a preview App with tabs.
You can roll over tabs to reveal an icon.
Click on it to edit your selected tab.

On the new page you will be able to change your tab icon, your title icon and to customize tab appearance.
You need your tab having a special appearance, so click on “Appearance” and then on “Create Separate Appearance” on the right.
You will be able to make your special tab with the “Buttons, Icon color, Header and Color” categories.

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Event & Products are marketed in a mobile way!


Nowadays, any professional event has to be marketed in a mobile way. An event is pretty like a product.
People and mainly company organize event to promote products.
So we talk about product and event to be shown on any mobile devices through professional Apps.

Companies have products to sell into their App.
They also informed their customers about event inside the App.
Users can add the event to their calendar.
They also can put photos, comments, share the event through mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and SMS. They can click on the “I’m going” button.

The social network are everywhere and take a big part of the marketing campaign you have began.
– Good point to you if your clients have your App, they put your event on their calendar, they can’t miss the event.
They are going to be there and they will take pictures and send it online.
– Good point to you again, an “Email Photo Tab” is available in the App and users can take pictures without living the App and send them by mail.
Users can’t miss the event, push notifications will remember them to come!

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Sub Tabs


Sub Tabs allow you to put more tabs, especially on iPad and Android Tab. It will display tabs in the center of your screen App.

Go to “Appearance”, “Home Screen”, then “Subtabs” on the left menu. There is a Subtab Option, you can enable “Show on iPad only” if you want to have theses subtab only on Tablets.

Click on the Add button to open the popup page.
You will fill the “Tab Title” to put a name for your tab.
You can select the color of your text in “Tab Label Text Color” and also the “Text Color Shadow”.

Select a tab in the scroll menu to link ton your icon tab.
Then choose your Subtab icon among the big archive or upload yours like for the other tabs.

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The “Website Tab” to add online content


Create your own native App in minutes and add any pages from the web with the “Website Tab”.

The Reservoir Apps CMS build iOS, Android and html5 websites.
All of them managed by a single account into the CMS.

But you can add any html5 website page or any responsive website page into your App. With the Preview App inside the CMS and also available on the two stores, you can easily make a preview of your App and you can test anything.

Try to add any URL you want and test it in the “Website Tab”.
And begin to test the other tab and all your App.

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Edit Gallery on the “Image Gallery Tab”


You can choose to connect to your Flickr, Picasa or your Instagram account  in the “Image Gallery Tab”.

You also can click on “custom” and begin to create your gallery into the CMS. You can create as many gallery as you want, put an icon image and name each of them.
If you choose to create only one, no need to put an icon image, your gallery will appear when user open the tab.

Click on  “Add New Gallery” to add one. Begin to enter the Name of your Gallery, then upload your Thumbnail, select Gallery type …. Select your image to upload, save it and click on Description.
It will open you a WYSIWYG editor when you will be able to enter html code or simply a text.
You can reorder images like gallery by a simple drag and drop.

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