Add unlimited number of tabs!


With the Reservoir Apps CMS you can add an unlimited number of tabs. It’s very useful when you want to publish your own radio App. You will add 5 Music Tab for example if you add 5 radio categories.

You prefer to have a video app? Add as many Youtube Tab as you need. The Youtube Tab let you add user’s tab.
You can also add the Web Site Tab to add Youtube Playlists.
You will find any kind of tabs for your business activity.
You can add your own tab icon and you can rename any tabs to fit your needs.
Go ahead, test the CMS, there is a 14 day free trial account!

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


Giants of Jazz


Today, here is another stream audio added on the Reservoir Musics App! Taken from the shoutcast website.
Giants of Jazz taken from the Jazz section.
File downloaded and the url inside put in one another audio track in the “Music Tab”.
As simple as that.

The Reservoir Musics App is available on the Google Play store:

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.