Does your business need Vine?


A few features to begin:
– 5 vine videos are shared on twitter every seconds
– A branded Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video
– 100 million people are watching Vine videos every month
– Vine loops are being played over a billion times per day
– 190 years of Vine videos are being played every single day
– Vine now support HD video in 720p

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Video is the new face of content marketing


– Visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video
– Video generates 3x many monthly visitors to website
– Organic traffic from search engines increases by 157%
– Consumers are 46% more likely to seek information about a product or service after seeing it on an online video
– Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video
– 52% have more confidence in their online purchase

All of this is about websites but Mobile is now the primary platform where digital videos are consumed.
The ease of consuming video on mobile has allowed for unprecedent growth and scale.

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Why Apple Watch is going to make you crazy?


Like many people around me, i have my opinions about a lot of things and sometimes i’m wrong about some.
I thought that Apple Watch will be just a gadget, nothing more.
A watch for fitness to measure your heartbeat!
The Apple Watch is really more than that, and much much more.
That’s what i’m going to talk about!

New Apps needs to be created for the Apple Watch, medias told about it.
A new App Store is available on the iOS 8.2 version!
(Once the new update is made on iPhone, a new App icon is displayed named Apple Watch).

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