The Home Screen Header Image


In Appearance, Layout, Header,  you can upload your own header instead of choosing in the list available in the CMS.
You can add title and a customized background image.
The Home Screen Header image will be available on every sliders in your home.
It’s often very important to put in front your graphics and colors. With a header, the music tab widget will have a better visibility and also the message tab widget.
Your own header is useful to be used with your specific customized tabs to push your brand.

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Manage your App through our CMS!


Today, you need to be on the mobile devices to make any business online. Imagine to be able to access one CMS and manage one powerful and professional App published on iTunes & Google Play store.
The CMS will also drive one HTML5 Website.
Thereby, users from all platform will be able to watch your content!

You have access to the best CMS of the mobile market.
First you create your Apps. Nothing complicated, a few tabs are already available. You have to upload one background image assigned to the home to begin.
Once you are done, we make a review of your App before to publish it.
Once you are published you can begin to manage your App, upload content, modify tabs, remove content, etc…

Your App can be available for iTunes & Google Play store and for smartphones & Tablets.
Don’t hesitate to test the CMS, there is a 14 days free trial account.

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


A radio stream: The Jazz Groove


Today, here is another stream audio added on the Reservoir Musics App! Taken from the shoutcast website.
The Jazz Groove taken from the Jazz section.
A file has been downloaded from and the url inside it put in one another audio track in the “Music Tab”.
As simple as that.

The Reservoir Musics App is available on the Google Play store:

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Don’t wait too much to be mobile!


Don’t wait too much to be mobile, mainly if you have a shop online. Our CMS is perfect for your business. you can add your shop easily inside your App.
You can even create categories inside it and create another shop if needed. If you use the “infos tab” you will have an header image on the top, and you will put your product below it.

If you add a link on your product image for example, users can click on it and go to a specific webpage online.
They will stay in your infos tab with the header image on top and they will be able to order your item.

You can easily make a push notification to this “infos tab” to make a sell. Your item can be on the home slider screen with a link into this infos tabs or with a link into a part of your shop.

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The “Google Ads Tab”


The Google Ads Tab will allow you to put an horizontal banner in almost all tabs inside your app.
It will be shown often in the header of the page with a little transparency to be not very intrusive.
If you have a gmail/google+ account you just have to connect to with the same infos. You add your app inside it, the best way is to do it once your app is online on stores. The research engine will find your app easily.
Then you will create a specific number to enter in your ad unit ID.

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The “Reservation Tab”


The Reservation Tab allow you to drive any kind of booking service. You can custom your own or choose in the list “mindbody, front desk, bookstream or groupon”.

Customize your tab, put a special header for mobile and one for tablets. Put your Service Center Name, Description, Admin email and Currency.
Then Location, Payment, Printers and the Reservation Confirmation Email.
For example if you choose to select the “Mindbody” booking service you will have to open an account on

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You can make any update anytime!


Nowadays your business is online and if you made everything right, you are already on mobile devices.
The big question is: Can you make any update anytime? on every devices?(smartphone and tablets) on both platform? (iOS & Android) in real time?
If you need to call the developer team who made your app to ask them to make any changes and to republish on stores it’s going to be really difficult. (It can take from one to three week to publish or republish for Apple). And it means that you need to republish each app (one for android and one for iOS) and maybe also one for smartphones and one for tablets. You thought you were free to ask anything to your dev team and yes. But you have to wait a few weeks each time you ask for an update.

You realize that it’s not possible to work like this.
Your App need to be professional so it must be a native app, not some webpage linked to your app in htlm5. Why?
Because you need to have a perfect and professional App with specific graphics sizes, with the offline mode, with unlimited push notifications, with unlimited app download, with tabs in interaction with your device like the event tab (users will add your event in their calendar for example).

Your app need to be managed by a sophisticated CMS where you will be able to change any part of it, from the image background, icon tab, header tab to any tab to add or switch inside it.
Here is the new way to work your business online in 2004.
You will need to make more update than any regular website and you will have more possibility to do it than before.
Your app is close to your clients and also your business with the push notifications, the home screen sliders, the event tab, any comment or share inside the app linked to the social network.

Each day can be another mobile marketing campaign who begin and you will need to make a lot of change inside your App (graphics, icon tab, text, header tab to modify and tabs and home screen sliders to switch).
Every such things is possible with the Reservoir Apps CMS, the best of the mobile market!

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


The “Food Ordering Tab”


The Food Ordering Tab is allowing you to create a booking app for your restaurant.
Update has just been made to this tab and you can now select from a ordering service list or to custom and create your categories and items.

You can select your currency and associate your Paypal Information like the Paypal Application ID, API Username, Password and Signature.

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


B2B Apps


Big & Small businesses, your all business can be on your professional app, you can make a private one with a login and password to access it before the home screen appearance.
Then you will open you app and have access to all your documents, texts, images, videos, ….
All managed by the Reservoir Apps CMS.

Your App can be private, not on store like a regular one but on a special place. It will be part of the B2B “Develop Custom Apps for Business” from Apple.
You and your employees can have a special access to special apps for a special marketing campaign or whatever.

It’s time to make professional Apps for B2B!

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


The “PDF Tab”


The Pdf Tab allow you to organize your pdf documents.
You can add as many pdf as you want in one Pdf Tab.
You can also add as many Pdf Tab as you want to make categories for your documents and rename each tabs to add category names for it.
You can upload your PDF or put an URL.
Each Pdf can be drag and drop in your Pdf Tab, it allow you to reorganize whenever you want.

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