Share & Comment function in the Apps


Reservoir Apps is giving access to the best CMS in the mobile market. Big & Small business can use it to make professional App in minutes. Once published on store, companies can customize their app the way they need to.

The most important to push is the product. Interaction is the master word. Users will be in interaction with the social network (on each tab users can comment & share), with their calendar (the event tab), with their camera roll (user can send pictures with the email photo tab), with the fan page (the fan wall tab) and the contact tab.

In a successful marketing campaign through social network companies have to push a good and specific product/event to make the buzz or if not, something like a buzz (users have to speak about it, to share it, to make comment to attract more users and so on…).

Nowadays each professional App made has connection with social network (Facebook & Twitter), with SMS and Email.

In the Reservoir Apps CMS, the Youtube Tab, the Event Tab, the Fan Wall Tab, the Info Tab and many other tabs have this functionality.

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Push Notification


You can click on the “Message” section on the top of the page anytime to make a push notification.
On the first page you can connect to 4 message target.
You have “iPhone App Users”,  “Android App Users”, “Connect to Facebook” and “Connect to Twitter”.
You can connect to the 4 in the same time and send your push notification on the social network.

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Specific background images!


In the Reservoir Apps CMS, you can have specific background images for Smartphones and specific background images for Tablets.

You have more space on Tablets and you can show more things on it. You can also put subtabs on your Tablet. It will be added to the ones you already have on the bottom of your screen (it can be on the right, left and top).

You can also assigned your home screen sliders to different tabs on your App in the Tablet section. The Tablet App use can be more complete, intrusive than the smartphone one.

In fact, you have to build your App and begin to think about the Tablet size and functionality. When your graphics will be done and established for the large size you will be able to think about the little size. You will be able to know what to remove in term of graphics in the smartphone size app.

Remember the iPad was created before the iPhone but launched after it. Apple has miniaturized the iPad to create the iPhone!

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Tablet Background Image


In Appearance section, Background Images, click on the iPad button. Uncheck “Use images from Mobile section” if needed.
You have the same dashboard as for the Mobile section.

Click on the “Upload Image” to add your specific background image for Tablet. Once done you will have to assign your home screen background image and home screen sliders. Then you will be able to assign any background images to any tabs in your App.

Remember that your can also assign inside link to the home screen sliders.
Your tablet App can be a little different from your smartphone one.
With bigger images and different links!

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Radio Stream – La Candela


Today, here is another stream audio added on the Reservoir Musics App! Taken from the shoutcast website.

Radio LaCandela from the Latin Jazz section.
File downloaded and the url inside put in one another audio track in the “Music Tab”. As simple as that.

The Reservoir Musics App is available on the Google Play store:

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Take your content in only one place and go mobile!


All your work is online, but a piece of it in a place, another piece another place and so on…
– You have a blog, a Picasa, a Flickr or Instagram account.
– You have a Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Linkedin account?
– You have content like PDF, Doc files, Excel, Powerpoint files?

– It’s time to have everything is one place to show to your clients.
– It’s time to enter in the Reservoir Apps CMS to customize, manage, modify and begin your mobile marketing campaign.
– It’s time to be available online and offline with a native App for Android & iOS, on every devices (smartphones and tablets).

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Tablet Header Image


Tablet Header Image is important when you need to have a tablet app (iPad & Android Tab). For example, on the Reservoir Musics App you have a “Music Tab” and “Info Tab”. Both have header.

You will find a section for uploading mobile image and tablet image header. Header section is very important to make special size for tablets. As the background image section where you can size your different background image for mobile, iphone 5, 6 and Tablets.

Remember that, with the Reservoir Apps CMS, you build your App not only for Android & iOS but also for smartphone and Tablets.

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Enter in the Reservoir Apps CMS!


It’s now time to make a choice! Every smart and sophisticated business have a CMS to put content online.
Every big company knows at least one Content Management System to manage one or several websites.
They know how to do it for years. It’s now time to get involved in the mobile CMS to manage mobile applications.

It’s time to enter in the mobile world and in the social network sharing. Each day of your business life is special and you have to make it special in your app.
So your native app will be often customized to fit your mobile marketing campaign.
The Reservoir Apps CMS will allow you to modify daily not only your content on smartphone and tablet in realtime but also to modify background image and icon tab.
Welcome in the Reservoir Apps CMS world!

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Insert/Edit Image in the “Info Tab”


The “Info Tab” is a very important tab, it will allow you to use the WYSIWYG editor and add some text and some pictures.

Adding some pictures in your paragraph will show you the insert/edit image. You can create files to store your images per category, you can resize your images, crop it, flip and rotate.

Once your image is loaded you are able to put a description, to select an alignment and the dimensions of it. Then you have to define the border, the vertical and horizontal space if needed. And you’re done!

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Be mobile this year!


You own a small, medium or a big company, you need to have a strong communication daily, to speak about your products and your events.
You have a lot of content to show and some are only for a special day.
You need to make the buzz on the social network to sell your goods.
You need to be on the mobile world with a native app for Android & iOS and even having an html5 website.

The Reservoir Apps CMS is perfect for your business.
– You can make any change daily to fit your needs.
– You can put in front any products, goods, items,…
– You can change every graphics to fit the color and form of your item (icon tab & background images can be customizable to infinity).
When you are going to make an update, it happens in real time on every smartphones and tablets for Android & IOS.

Be ready to make special size for your tablet background image! You will be able to make more sales on iPad and Android Tablet maybe!

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