The “Info Tab”


The “Info Tab” let you put your text and images like a website with a WYSIWYG.

– On the top you will enter your images for mobile and tablet, there is different size for sure. You have to check below the “New Design” to enable images and comment on the top page.
If not, you will only have the WYSIWYG part.

– On the second part of the tab your have the description ton enter who is the WYSIWYG part as mentioned before. Here you can enter any html code you need to make html presentation!

There is 3 different “Info Tab”
Info Tab (1-tier), Info Tab (2-tier) and Info Tab (3-tier).
These tabs will allow you to make categories.

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Customize every part of you App, anytime!


Small Businesses, you need to have your professional App this year, and you can have it for a very affordable price.

You need to have the possibility to update your content anytime but not only. You need to have the possibility to customize your App and not only when you build it, anytime!

You want to be the one making the buzz on social networks, so you have to be able to move and switch tabs if needed.
Every customization have to be in minutes or even in seconds.

You are going to be at home on the Reservoir Apps CMS, the best content management system of the mobile market.
Every part of your App can be changed to follow your marketing choices.

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Reservoir App is easily customizable!


You want to go mobile and having a native App for Android & iOS but you didn’t make your choice about the design of it?
It’s ok, come to check the Reservoir App CMS, there is a 14 day free trial account for you!
You only have to know about the icon App and the Splash Screen (the first image who appear when user open the app).
Because all the other content can be customized the way you want and you don’t need to republish on stores when you make an update. So if you don’t like anymore the design you choose for you App, change it!

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The “Home tab”


The “Home tab” is a very particular tab. It’s the tab already there from the beginning. It works like a template.

On the top first, you will see the “Show Buttons”, with the only buttons who will appear on your home screen (if checked): Call Button, Direction Button and Tell Friend Button.
The Sub Tab can be set there too. (Mainly for iPad & Tablets screens).

The second part of the tab is to enter your business details, locations, opening times and left & right images.
It will not appear on the App right there.
You will need to add a new tab: the “Contact Tab”
This tab will take infos recorded on the Home Tab and display them.

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Your App is connected to the social network!


Reservoir Apps has a special tab to constrain users to connect to their social network before to enter the App.
(Users can also cancel the message and enter without connection).

This special Tab is the “Social Tab” as mentioned early in the previous post. Nowadays every professional App works with social network.

Users has to be connected to share your content, put comment and get rewards. Every marketing campaign work with Facebook, Twitter and Google +
You have to keep this in mind when you build your App.

This “Social Tab” let users have a kind of dashboard where they can check their own activities.
So, be ready to make the buzz?

Upload your content, speak about your new product and make your clients win rewards and coupons.
Make them interesting to put comment on your content, it will be shared by others…

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The “Social Tab”


The “Social Tab” will allow you to let users connect to their social network (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and to check their Messages, Posts, Shares and Reward. The Social Tab will show you the dashboard user and in the bottom, the button to connect to social network. If you check “Social Onboarding”, you will display a login screen when your app is launched. It will constrain users to connect to social network before to enter your App.
Like this, users will be connected and ready to share your content.

IMG_8069 IMG_8071

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The Reservoir Apps CMS is very affordable!


You need to be online on the mobile devices.
You need to make changes regularly on your content online.
You need to have a content management system to be able to upload any content on your App anytime.
Let’s connect to the Reservoir Apps CMS, you will be able to customize your App the way you want before and after delivery on stores (iOS & Android).
You will never be so close to your clients through push notifications, geo-fencing, mailing list, shop available inside the app, offline mode who let users to keep looking inside your app, and so on…
Reservoir Apps let you have your own App for smartphone and tablets for a very affordable price.

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The “Podcast Tab”


The “Podcast Tab” is allow you to put a simply podcast RSS Url or a Video Podcast RSS Url.

Just add your Url and click to the “Save Changes” button.
You can add a background image if needed.
Remember on the Reservoir Apps CMS you can add as many tab as you want.
So you can put a few “Podcast Tab” if needed!

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The Offline mode!


The Reservoir Apps CMS let you create, edit and manage your App! The first time users open your App, one popup ask them to accept
(or not) the push notification, one another ask them to register
(or not) to your newsletter (if you added one) and a last one ask users if they are going to use the app offline.
If user say yes about the offline mode, each steps he is going to make will be recorded on his mobile device.
Then, next time he is going offline, he will be able to open your App as before and keep going to look over it.

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