Mobile applications managed by a CMS backend


Let’s talk about mobile applications managed by a CMS backend.
The best thing is to realize that you can make any update you want, for Apple or Android, for Smartphones and Tablets. Much better than a website. Every update that you made can be promoted through push notifications. You have never been so closed to your clients.

You know perfectly well how many users will receive your push.
Push notifications can be linked to each update you made. Customized template can be chosen among the big archive available. Push looks like mailing list but are more powerful.
They are not anymore lost on your device.
If you put a “Message Tab” inside your App, you can keep every push sent and archive them.
The mobile marketing is on, 2014 is your mobile year presence opening!
Don’t forget it Small Businesses!

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Small Businesses => Go mobile in 2014!


Small Businesses, if you have products to sell, and you have, it’s time to go mobile this year.
A big part of your clients already use their mobile devices to buy items and they can’t buy yours.
Your old website is not even responsive.
How do you think anyone can reach your content?
Don’t even think to build just an html5 website! Why?
Because it’s not enough. That’s right, customers will be able to see your content but…
A native App is better! Much better indeed!!
You will be able to use push notifications (to send customized push in the message tab inside the App).
Users will be able to watch content offline. All the navigation is faster, graphics are sized for the screen.
This year let’s go mobile and build your own professional App for Android & iOS, available for smartphones and tablets.
Our sophisticated Reservoir Apps CMS will guide you step by step to build your App. Don’t hesitate to open a 14 days free trial account to test it => 
You will have a preview of your App in minutes!

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Individual Tab Details


Individual Tab details will allow you to customize each part of your tab. All modifications made will not be present on other tabs.
First go on Appearance, App layout and select your tab in the Active Tabs list on the right. Edit it and a popup will appear.
Again go on Appearance and click on the right top button “Create Separate Appearance”. Once done you can change anything on your tab without changing the other tabs.
Perfect for customize a special tab and to push it.

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An affordable App for iPhone, iPad and Android!

Small business, this year, you will build your App for Smartphones and Tablets.

First you were only thought about creating a phone App because you don’t have the budget to build for every platform and devices, so in your mind, it’s going to be for iPhone first!

Once you will have your professional iPhone App in hands, you maybe thinking about iPad & Tablets because there is more space on it to show your products and because it was your first idea to have one (iPad App).
But you have not budget anymore and now you only can propose to your clients a single iPhone App!

You never thought you were be able to build your professional App for yourself, for a very affordable price and for Smartphones and Tablets (On Android & iOS platform).
The Reservoir Apps CMS will allow to do that. For more check on

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You are a big Instagram user, you can’t begin a day without taking an Instagram picture with your phone.
Your business presence is also on instagram.
Perfect, take the “Image Tab” and click on the Instagram Icon.
You only have to click on “Connect Instagram”.
Then you will open an Instagram page where you will enter your user and password and that’s it.
As simple as that.

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Radio Owner, Music groups & DJ


Radio Owner, Music groups, DJ or part of the music industry, you need to have an App. Reservoir Apps can build one for you!
More precisely, you can build one through our powerful CMS.
One your account created, you can check the first tab available.
– You can see the “Music Tab” where you can add your track & your radio stream.
– You can check the “Voice Recording Tab”,  users will be able to record some voice or sound from their device.
– You can see the “Events Tab”, very useful to add your next events.
You will stay close to your clients, they will be able to add your event on their device calendar.
It’s only 3 of the few tabs available in the CMS. Add more tab, put your content and preview your App, you will be surprised how it’s so easy to build!

Radio Stream, Voice Recorder & Events from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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Radio Stream, Voice Recorder & Events

Stream your favorite Shoutcast radio, add your track, put your radio streaming on the “Music Tab”.
Record any sound or voice with the “Voice recorder Tab”
Show and share your events to your users, they will be able to add them on their calendar.

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Radio Stream in the “Music Tab”

The “Music Tab” allow you to put your radio stream. Click on “Add Track” and it will open a popup where you will add your radio stream url. We decided to take a stream on for the example.
The URL stream has to finish with /;livestream.mp3
Enter text for “Artist” and “Title”, it will appear in the radio streaming page. You can enter a description for your Radio.
Once the Radio page loaded, you will have two sub tabs: “Comment” and “Description”
You can save it and go back to the “Music Tab”
Click on the “Homescreen Widget” box to enable it.
It will be nice and pro to have a music widget animated on your homescreen. It’s also a shortcut to your Music Tab.

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Small Businesses, build your presence on the mobile world!

Small businesses, your presence on mobile devices has to be done this year. You don’t have to wait to have a budget, to have time for it and you can’t tell it’s not for you.
Mobile devices is part of your business, you have to take time to build an App.

The Reservoir Apps CMS is perfect for you, very easy to build your professional App and very affordable.
(No need to hire developer).

Don’t hesitate to check, you can test our CMS through our 14 days trial access.
You will be amazed to build so easily your App in minutes!

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