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Your Images


In Appearance, Background Image you can add new images.
Select a new image background in the Library. It will place it in your images directory. Then you can download it or erase it or let it there. You will upload it or not in your home screen images selection.

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The Reservoir Apps CMS has a big image background archive.
You just go to any tab in your App in the right on the screen.
You just select if you need to put it on tablet or phone.
A new page is opening. You can select your background image from selected categories in the Library!

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The Photo Editor


Each time you put a background image on any tabs in your App you can edit it. Then you will display the Photo Editor.
You can customize any background images with it.
You have the best effects to use.

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The Analytics section allow you to have a complete view of the Users, Tabs and Platforms activities!
You can select the period of your choice or select one day.

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