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The Infos Tab


The Infos Tab is perfect to add any texts and images inside a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. You will have to add a Smartphone and Tablet header in the top section. You can select if you want to add the Header and Comment Section or not.

Like any CMS online, you can add any links you need.
Users will click on it and open a new page inside the tab.

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The Social Tab


The Social Tab let you introduce a special tab for your client to connect from Twitter, Facebook or your Member section.
User will be able to write comment inside the app and to see it right in the social tab.
They also can see how many messages, fan wall posts, shares and rewards they have.
They will be able to disconnect from the app, from Twitter and from Facebook.

social-tab_pic social-tab_grey

Two Social Tab screenshots (one with an image background, the other with no image background).

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In the Appearance Tab, you will find the Home Screen Subtab and the Header section where you will be able to modify your Header.
You can choose between the big selection in the CMS or upload one from your library. Very useful when you want to put your logo brand on every tabs on the top screen.

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Home Screen Sliders


In the Appearance Tab, you will find the Background Images and the Home Screen Sliders. You can easily link slides to images & slides to tabs. User will be able to click on each slides to go on tabs inside your App. Easy to update on every devices, smartphones and tablets in real time.

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Re-Order Tabs


In the Functionality top category, you can re-order tabs, create new ones, edit some, rename it, add new icons. A single drag and drop let you hide any tab you want in second. If you want to delete one tab you can do it by selecting it and click on the trash button on the top right in red.

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The Push Notifications


New functionalities appear in the Push notifications area.
You can now send push to platforms and social medias, to users, to groups and to subscriptions.
You can also specify area users with radius and geo-fence and send your content with our specific template.

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The Membership Tab


The Membership Tab allows you to create multiple Users & Groups. You can also invite users to register to the App.
There is a template to custom inside the tab.
Selected users have access to selected tab inside the App.
A free access is available with limited tabs. (you select which tabs you want to be available for the free access and for the login access).

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Edit item


In the Infos Tab, you can add as many items as you want. You can also update your items whenever you want. Simply edit it and make your modifications. Validate and it’s done. You can check it on your App right now!

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The Link Editor


The Link Editor allow you to put a link to your Home Screen Slider Images. Simply choose your Home Screen Slide and select a tab to link to. Users will be able to click on a Home Screen Slide Image and will be directed to a tab inside your App!

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