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Stop saying you can’t do it!


Internet gives you unlimited area, unlimited vision, unlimited ideas and unlimited business to accomplish.
No matter how old you are. And no matter where you come from.
Day by day you will reveal your true potential to the world.

You can’t say you can’t do it because you can do anything you want to if you really want to make it. At anytime and any age.
Its always time to learn how to do it and practice it daily.
And dont say you have no time to learn, no time to practice.
If you want to learn and succeed in your domain you always will find time daily, dont worry about it!

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The Cloud to build & maintain your business online?


Everyone knows the Cloud since 2006 and the release of Google Apps
( but the Cloud has always been there, since the beginning of the internet.

The Cloud Computing, since the sixties, was born to let everyone on the globe to be interconnected and accessing programs and data at any site, from anywhere, explained Margaret Lewis, product marketing director at AMD.
“It is a vision that sounds a lot like what we are calling cloud computing.”
See A history of cloud computing:

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Why does your business absolutely need YouTube?


Here is a few stats to begin:
– Number of unique visits to Youtube every month: 1 billion
– Percent of Youtube visitors that come from outside the U.S: 80%
– Number of videos viewed on Youtube everyday: 4,25 billion
– 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute
– Total number of hours of video watched on Youtube each month: 6,25 billion hours
– Youtube mobile gets over 600 million views a day
– Mobile makes up almost 40% of Youtube’s global watch time
– YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website after Google and Facebook

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Does your business need Vine?


A few features to begin:
– 5 vine videos are shared on twitter every seconds
– A branded Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video
– 100 million people are watching Vine videos every month
– Vine loops are being played over a billion times per day
– 190 years of Vine videos are being played every single day
– Vine now support HD video in 720p

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Video is the new face of content marketing


– Visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video
– Video generates 3x many monthly visitors to website
– Organic traffic from search engines increases by 157%
– Consumers are 46% more likely to seek information about a product or service after seeing it on an online video
– Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video
– 52% have more confidence in their online purchase

All of this is about websites but Mobile is now the primary platform where digital videos are consumed.
The ease of consuming video on mobile has allowed for unprecedent growth and scale.

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Why Apple Watch is going to make you crazy?


Like many people around me, i have my opinions about a lot of things and sometimes i’m wrong about some.
I thought that Apple Watch will be just a gadget, nothing more.
A watch for fitness to measure your heartbeat!
The Apple Watch is really more than that, and much much more.
That’s what i’m going to talk about!

New Apps needs to be created for the Apple Watch, medias told about it.
A new App Store is available on the iOS 8.2 version!
(Once the new update is made on iPhone, a new App icon is displayed named Apple Watch).

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Pinterest will boost your business!


Pinterest is the best social media to make sales!
Like Instagram, you can share your best pictures (products) there.
You will have followers who can like your pictures but not only.
Followers (or not) can also open your images and create new board to pin it.
They keep all images from their interests in their own boards.
It’s not only images to like and images who are going to disappear from their minds. Users will keep all images in selected boards that they have created.
So you can use Pinterest even if you have never post any images!
Simply search images, open it, like it and pin it.
Users will re-pin it and maybe will follow you because of your smart image selection and interesting boards.


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4 things that reveal that you are a Social Addict!


Nowadays anyone is multi connected, computers are no longer available at home or at work. Mobile devices are the new computers and you have certainly one on your pocket!
That’s why you can have the risk to be addicted to it & to your social networks.

1) You Check your connections (messages, followers, connections & likes) before breakfast

Like a drug addict you can’t help you connect to your computer or mobile device right after you wake you up.
That’s easy and quick, your device is always on, always connected to the wifi connection and also on your social accounts.
(It’s mainly LinkedIn used for connections and messages, Twitter for short messages, Instagram for images, Pinterest for ideas & Facebook for the likes)
You have your smartphone (an iPhone 6 Plus is perfect to use LinkedIn for example) just close to your bed but you prefer to go on the living room and open your MacBook Air.
Don’t wake up your love!
The only thing bad thing is to find out where you pout your apple mouse and open it!
That’s it, in the dark (dawn rises) you have your first big moment of the day! Did i win some followers on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest? Do i have a new connection on LinkedIn?

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Why your shop needs to be available in a native App?


– Mobile now exceeds PC:

– For most Smartphone Owners, the device is a personal shopping assistant:

– 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store:

– Mcommerce is on the rise, with 42% buying via smartphone:

– 63% of smartphone owners use their device to search for information while shopping:

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Why your business needs to be a digital tool!

publish_linkedin_corneliusYou certainly have a shop online.

You sell digital or maybe non digital items, whatever!
Your website has a responsive design to be displayed on every mobile devices. Like every nice and professional websites you have a single home page with a top menu.
Users can click on any buttons available on the top menu to be redirect in a specific area in your homepage. It’s because users don’t have time and no interest to click and open a new page nowadays.
A big part of them only scroll dawn to see each part of your website content.
That’s nice because it means your customers always goes to your website. And what about the predominance of the mobile devices?

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