The “Food Ordering Tab”


The “Food Ordering Tab” will allow you to sell your food.
Your restaurant is right inside your App.
You can show your dishes and select services available (Dine in, Takeout, Delivery).
First you will Manage Items, adding category and items.
When you open item you will have to put a name, a description and a price. You will upload an image, select the category and the availability of your item.
You have the option to put different size and price for it.
You can edit your Restaurant information to put name, description and address and other things.
Then select your location and payment.

The “Food Ordering Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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The “Reservation Tab”


The “Reservation Tab” will allow you to show items you want to sell with a price and a reservation fee.
Very useful for example if you have a restaurant and a delivery service. Clients will be able to make reservation on items you push. You can name your item, put a picture, a price, a reservation fee and a duration for this service.
You can specify the availability from the days of the week.
Of course you will have to put the location (where is your shop) and edit the payment to add your paypal client ID.
You can be connected to Google Calendar and specify a printer (enable e-print Printers, enable classics Printers or connect to Google Cloud Printer).
Last section, the Reservation Confirmation Email.
Click edit and it appear each part of the mail template you and user receive when an action is done (make a reservation, print, cancel,…). All can be set here!

The “Reservation Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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Individual Tab Details


Individual Tab details will allow you to customize each part of your tab. All modifications made will not be present on other tabs.
First go on Appearance, App layout and select your tab in the Active Tabs list on the right. Edit it and a popup will appear.
Again go on Appearance and click on the right top button “Create Separate Appearance”. Once done you can change anything on your tab without changing the other tabs.
Perfect for customize a special tab and to push it.

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.

Radio Owner, Music groups & DJ


Radio Owner, Music groups, DJ or part of the music industry, you need to have an App. Reservoir Apps can build one for you!
More precisely, you can build one through our powerful CMS.
One your account created, you can check the first tab available.
– You can see the “Music Tab” where you can add your track & your radio stream.
– You can check the “Voice Recording Tab”,  users will be able to record some voice or sound from their device.
– You can see the “Events Tab”, very useful to add your next events.
You will stay close to your clients, they will be able to add your event on their device calendar.
It’s only 3 of the few tabs available in the CMS. Add more tab, put your content and preview your App, you will be surprised how it’s so easy to build!

Radio Stream, Voice Recorder & Events from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.