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The Publish section


The Publish section allow you to put your App information: App Name, App Icon Name, App Keywords, App Description, contact email, Official website, App category.
You can select the price of your App or let it free.
You can check the Audio Background Play to enable music or audio to play in the background of your App.
You will add your App icon then and the screenshots of your app for mobile, iphone5 and iPad format.
You will add then your Splashscreen.
The Reservoir Apps Team.


The Future is already here!

Small businesses need to have their own mobile App.
They can update it anytime, so they have to open an account on Reservoir Apps and check the CMS.
Once their account is open, they already have a few tabs to begin.
They can begin to upload images for the homescreen in different size if needed
(for smartphone & tablets).  Images background for other tabs.
They will be able to test their app inside the CMS, in the Preview section.
Or directly on stores by downloading the “Preview App”.
The future is already here!
The Reservoir Apps Team.

QR code

QR Codes (on the top right menu) allow you to open a popup page with QR Code for Android, iOS and Html5 website.
If you check the boxe for redirect, it let you enable redirection to native application when visitor come to visit from iPhone or Android in html5 app.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Reservoir Apps offers you the best features


Reservoir Apps allow you to build your app and to manage it.
You can update your App whenever you want, and see modifications on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablets instantly.
We are very affordable! Once your account is done you will have access to our sophisticated and customized CMS.
You will be able to have support 24/7, Unlimited CMS update, Unlimited app download, Unlimited push notifications.
Be sure to check mobile company and you will understand that nowhere else you will see all this feature for a very special price we made!
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Build an App is very Easy & Affordable on Reservoir Apps!


If you reach any mobile company to build your native mobile application, they will make you a special app for a special price, but often not affordable. You app will be published on stores and then, if you need to make any change on it, you will ask them to put it and to republish, and there is a fee.
If you need to have an app for Android & iOS,  there is a fee.
You need to have an app available for iPad too? there is a fee.
You want to make unlimited push notifications, there is a fee.
You want for you app unlimited download? there is also a fee.
With the Reservoir Apps CMS,  no hidden fee! Once published, you can manage your app like you want, you can update it daily if you need it.
Unlimited push notifications and unlimited app download.
You app available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablets (if you choose it) for an affordable price.
The Reservoir Apps Team.