4 things that reveal that you are a Social Addict!


Nowadays anyone is multi connected, computers are no longer available at home or at work. Mobile devices are the new computers and you have certainly one on your pocket!
That’s why you can have the risk to be addicted to it & to your social networks.

1) You Check your connections (messages, followers, connections & likes) before breakfast

Like a drug addict you can’t help you connect to your computer or mobile device right after you wake you up.
That’s easy and quick, your device is always on, always connected to the wifi connection and also on your social accounts.
(It’s mainly LinkedIn used for connections and messages, Twitter for short messages, Instagram for images, Pinterest for ideas & Facebook for the likes)
You have your smartphone (an iPhone 6 Plus is perfect to use LinkedIn for example) just close to your bed but you prefer to go on the living room and open your MacBook Air.
Don’t wake up your love!
The only thing bad thing is to find out where you pout your apple mouse and open it!
That’s it, in the dark (dawn rises) you have your first big moment of the day! Did i win some followers on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest? Do i have a new connection on LinkedIn?

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