The “News Tab”


The news tab allow you to active the newsfeed widget who appear on the bottom of the app, horizontally from right to left.
Infos are displayed from Google News, Twitter and Facebook. When user see something he is interested in, he can click on the newsfeed widget. Then the news tab section will be opened.
Three subtabs are available: News, Twitter and Facebook with text news organized by categories.

You can select any news and share it by Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and by SMS. Each news is linked to one content online so you can read it and/or click on the link to see the real source.
All inside the App.

You can add one or several keywords for each.
For Twitter, add the name of your account.
Infos will be displayed not only if you send a tweet but also if someone speak about you and your business online on Tweeter.

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