Notification Audience


Notification Audience: send push notification to users within a specific area is very useful.
Click on the “Message” top button and open the push notification. In the Second tab: Location you will find a map.
You can adjust your Notification Audience by selecting “Specific Area Users” or “All users”.

“All users” will close the map. We just focus here on the “Specific Area Users”. You can adjust very specifically by choosing “radius” or “geo-fence”. ”
Radius” give you a circle to adjust and “Geo-fence” give you a triangle to adjust more precisely.

Take a look on the map and move the Circle of Triangle on it.
You will change the Located App Users number on the top right.

This tool give you the exact number of users by platform and by selected area. Try to put another address and make the same exercise, it’s very knowledgeable!

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