Inactive/Active Tabs


In Appearance, App Layout, you will find two rows:
Inactive Tabs & Active Tabs.
Mostly part of time you will have your tabs activate and available on the right row.
Each tabs can be edited and moved.

In your professional app you will have to be efficient.
You will have tabs in the 2 rows. Inactive Tab are ready to be active anytime and so on for selected active tabs. You can active or inactive Tabs by a single drag and drop from right to left to inactivate and from left to right to activate.

So you can be ready to modify instantly all graphics inside your app. Of course you are also ready to switch background images and new images are ready to be used.
In the Inactive Tabs Row, you will find a “Active All” button.
You will be able to re-active all your inactive tabs in second.

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