Ready to upload your image background into the CMS?


So, you are ready to make your own professional App?
You want to have your app online on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store?
It will be great to have a mobile html5 website to be available on the other devices? (windows, blackberry for example).
And to be able to manage it through the best CMS of the mobile market?
Yes you can, you are on the Reservoir Apps CMS.

First you have to prepare different image background to fit the specific sizes. It’s really important to create one background image with 640×960 pixels for smartphone and one background image with 1536×2048 pixels for tablets.
If you don’t have a soft like photoshop to make the size you can upload your image online and the CMS will crop it for you.
If your image is to heavy (the CMS will tell you if it does), you will have to use a soft anyway.

Your background images are uploaded into the CMS?
You are able to take your time to add tabs, add tab icons and make some preview of your App.

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