A great tool for a perfect mobile marketing campaign!


Nowadays, almost everyone need to sell products and or services. It can be material or non material products.
You can have a store online to sell digital products or not, it depends of your business. It’s up to you.

If you are on the top, you are already in the mobile world, your app is still online, available on the biggest store (Google Play & App Store). But maybe you have a closed app with no possibility to make any changes without republish on stores.
Maybe you need to make daily changes on it?
Maybe you need to push each day another product and/or event?

You can push products in the home screen sliders with the Reservoir Apps CMS. Each slide is linked to a content tab in the App. Once online on stores, your App is completely customizable. That means that you can reorganize your graphics, your contents and your tabs. Your App, though your access to the CMS, is a great tool for a perfect mobile marketing campaign. So, your product is in the home screen sliders, it is linked to your specific content in a tab inside your App and you are going to make a push notification to your customers? What next?

You are going to make some change to be ready for your next products and for your next day if you make daily updates.
You need the Reservoir Apps CMS to drive your business online with a sophisticated push notification and Tab & User Analytics. You app must have a professional style and to be practical in any way. It’s very useful to have the possibility for your customers to browse your app offline. It’s very useful for you to publish your content in the same time for smartphones and tablets & for Android, iOS, and html 5 websites.
Welcome in the mobile world with the best CMS of the mobile market.
Welcome home!

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