Upload image & text is so easy with the Reservoir Apps CMS!


The Reservoir Apps CMS is very simple to use.
You only have to upload background images. If you don’t know if your image is too big, the CMS will tell you about it. If it’s too big it will be refused.
You don’t know about the size? The CMS knows perfectly and your image can be cropped online. Wysiwyg editor available in the “Music Tab” & the “Info Tab” for example, will format your text. Write it in the editor, and select your font and size, it’s done!
You also can edit the html code.
You can add your content and test how it looks in the Preview section.
You don’t like that you have done? It’s ok, you can remove it, or a part of it and make a new Preview.
Don’t hesitate to test the CMS!

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


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