It’s time to go mobile this year!


You only need to put your logo on the icon App and same on the Splash Screen (the first image appearing on the app when you launch it).
You already have an account on the Reservoir Apps CMS.
A few tab are available. You are going to check the other tabs.
You don’t know yet which to have for your business.

We can make a review with you, because sooner or later we have to make a review, especially on the iOS part. The Apple team review is very strict and you have ton include some tabs in your App to be published. You will check later if you are not going to use one or some and remove it from your App.

Because once published, you can make anything you want with your professional App. Every action needed to fit your marketing campaign through the social network!

Let’s go, it’s time to go mobile this year!

 2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.


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