The “Reservation Tab”


The “Reservation Tab” will allow you to show items you want to sell with a price and a reservation fee.
Very useful for example if you have a restaurant and a delivery service. Clients will be able to make reservation on items you push. You can name your item, put a picture, a price, a reservation fee and a duration for this service.
You can specify the availability from the days of the week.
Of course you will have to put the location (where is your shop) and edit the payment to add your paypal client ID.
You can be connected to Google Calendar and specify a printer (enable e-print Printers, enable classics Printers or connect to Google Cloud Printer).
Last section, the Reservation Confirmation Email.
Click edit and it appear each part of the mail template you and user receive when an action is done (make a reservation, print, cancel,…). All can be set here!

The “Reservation Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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