Really want to be part of the mobile world? Sure?



Like everyone in this world you sell products, you want to stay on the line, to be in touch, close to your clients, to fit their needs.
You say you can have a responsive website or maybe an html5 website.  Your clients will be able to watch your content on their mobile devices yes, but..  Yes, there is a but!

You want to be part of the new mobile world without having a native App?  Let me laugh! You will never be seen as a professional!
So, your website is not giving an Appstore link and a Google Play store link?
Customers can even watch a little “Html5” link in the bottom of your website? You are so wrong!
Be part of the mobile family and put the same services as everywhere and propose a native App for iOs & Android.
There is big differences between html5 and native App, the native App is faster, can be reach offline,  graphics fit mobile devices (images background are specially sized for smartphone and tablets), users have downloaded it and there is an icon on their home screen that they will often keep it for a long time, you can make push notifications with it, and so on….
Html5 is cheaper for very small business who don’t want to be part of the mobile world.

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