In 2014 the new marketing is mobile!


Imagine, for a few minutes you need to push a content, you will send push notifications to your customers, they click on it to be driven on any part of your app you decided to.
On the home screen of your App you put a link to your new content and the home image represent a big part of your article. So, even if they don’t want push or if they don’t saw the push, they can also watch your home and see your new content.
Deal done! Next? You new article is ready, so let’s change the homescreen, a new push is sent, you selected your new push notifications area and grab a few more customers. And so on…
Of course it means you don’t need to republish your App to add more content, even more, it means you can modify any part of your App (you can decide to move tabs between articles for example).
In 2014 the new marketing is mobile and of course only on mobile devices! Close to your customers and close to their needs!
On the Reservoir Apps CMS, the future is already there!

2014 © The Reservoir Apps Team.

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