Sophisticated Push Notifications



The Push notification area is a very sophisticated tool!

Go to “Messages” on the top menu. You can see that you can send your text to “iPhone App users”, “Android App User” and to Facebook & Twitter (You need to connect to both first. Then you will be able to check it).

Go to “Location” to determine if you want to send your push to All users or to Specific area users. (specific area users will show you a map where you will be able to select your area choice).

Go to “Content” to send your content and select:
1 Website Url,
2 Link to a specific tab,
3 Choose from our Offers (it’s the templates archive).
The template archive is very simple to manage and modify.
You will be able to send to your customers a professional push with content and link that they can receive in their “Message Tab” .

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