About the Reservoir Apps Services

Reservoir Apps offers easy app creation for Smartphones & Tablets (Android, iOS platform & Html5 Websites).
Once your account is open, you will create your app step-by-step on our CMS.

You can upload icons and background images or choose from images in our library.
You can add as many categories as you like.

Once your application is published on stores (Apple & Google) you can update your content whenever you want.

You can send push notifications to your clients, view statistics, change the order of the categories and the order of images in the home cover-flow for example.

Here is a video presentation about the DJ Pulse App, powered by Reservoir Apps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiX42CMC_0g

Here is a video presentation about a Fabio Frizzi’s App (he is  an Italian musician and composer) :

Click here to register: http://reservoirapps.us/register.html

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