Sub Tabs


Add Sub Tabs to your home! More specific for Tablets but you can add it on your iPhone 6S Plus device for example.

Select your Sub Tab in the big archive inside the CMS or upload your own icon. Link it to one of your tabs!

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Push Notifications


Click on Messages on the top menu to access to the push notifications. You can write your message linked to one tab or select among the archive template online. Your content can be delivered on Android & iOS devices. Also on Twitter & Facebook.

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Photo Editor: Crop


Select any image background in your app and edit it to open the photo editor. You can crop your image to fit the size of your mobile & professional App. No need to have a software like Photoshop to resize your images and to apply effects on it. Everything is on your CMS account!

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The Color Scheme


Click on Appearance, Settings and Global Style. You will choose the “Lists” menu on the left. Here you are, you can select your color theme among a big selection. Then you can modify the section, the Odd Row and Even Row.

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