Home Sub Tabs


New Icon Tabs can be added on your Home App.
Check if you want to have it only on Tablets or also on smartphones.
You can add many new icon tabs but there is more space on tablets and you can select to show your new icons only there.

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Photo Editor: Frames


Select any images background inside your app and edit it.
In this example we select the image background inside the Fan Wall Tab. Edit it and it will open the Photo Editor.
Select Frames and you will have a big choice of frames to add to your image.

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The Message Tab


Users can receive your push notifications in the message tab.
You can set up subscriptions in this tab.
Create any subscriptions you need to. You will check how many users will register to.
You need to “enable subscription push note service” first. Select “Message Center shortcut” to display a shortcut icon on your home screen.

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