Individual Tabs


You can edit individual tabs in your App.
In the Appearance Section you have to select the “Global Style” menu and to click on the Individual Tabs on the left menu.
Icon, text, header can be modified for each tabs.
Click on your selected tab on the right, on the edit icon button.
You will open the Individual Tab Details.
In the first use you need to enable the custom appearance.
That’s it, you can edit each part of your tab!

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Photo Editor: Effects


The Photo Editor can be used on any background images inside the CMS. You will find some great tools to edit your images.
Effects is one of them. You will use it and apply some great effects. Simply click on your selected one and see the preview of it below.
Anytime you can cancel your choice.

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Flash Gordon


The Flash Gordon App is online today on the Google Play Store:

Flash Gordon is a 1936 science fiction film serial. Shown in 13 installments, it was the first screen adventure for the comic-strip character Flash Gordon that was invented by Alex Raymond. It tells the story of Flash Gordon’s first visit to the planet Mongo and his encounter with the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless.

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The Infos Tab


The Infos Tab is perfect to add any texts and images inside a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. You will have to add a Smartphone and Tablet header in the top section. You can select if you want to add the Header and Comment Section or not.

Like any CMS online, you can add any links you need.
Users will click on it and open a new page inside the tab.

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The Social Tab


The Social Tab let you introduce a special tab for your client to connect from Twitter, Facebook or your Member section.
User will be able to write comment inside the app and to see it right in the social tab.
They also can see how many messages, fan wall posts, shares and rewards they have.
They will be able to disconnect from the app, from Twitter and from Facebook.

social-tab_pic social-tab_grey

Two Social Tab screenshots (one with an image background, the other with no image background).

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