The Membership Tab


The Membership Tab allows you to create multiple Users & Groups. You can also invite users to register to the App.
There is a template to custom inside the tab.
Selected users have access to selected tab inside the App.
A free access is available with limited tabs. (you select which tabs you want to be available for the free access and for the login access).

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Edit item


In the Infos Tab, you can add as many items as you want. You can also update your items whenever you want. Simply edit it and make your modifications. Validate and it’s done. You can check it on your App right now!

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Google publish a new Patent including Holograms for Head Wearable Display… is it for Google Glass?


Google has just published a new patent application the 1st October:
Titled “Lightguide With Multiple In-Coupling Holograms For Head Wearable Display

Click here to view the complete article on LinkedIn:

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