Build your brand online!


You need to focus to only one thing!
To build your brand online, everyday, by selecting interesting content to your future clients. You need to write and produce content, and again and again…..
Every part of your activity has to be done in a reflexive way.
Which content to propose this day and not another day, which pictures to put in front, which tags, which hours to post.

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H.G Wells


The H.G Wells Android App powered by Reservoir Apps is just online on the Google Play Store!
Here is the link:

You will be able to read books from the author, to listen audio books from the YouTube playlist inside the App.
The Audio Books Tab is allow you to listen the “The Invisible Man” in several chapters. It shows that two sort of audio books can be displayed in the same App.
Once the App is opened, the audio book “The Invisible Man” is started and users can listen it while browsing the App.
An audio widget is displayed on the right top of the screen.

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The Goodbye Girl (1977)


The 1977 original version is played by Richard DreyfussMarsha Mason & Quinn Cummings

Here is the pitch: After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, an unemployed dancer and her 10-year-old daughter are reluctantly forced to live with a struggling off-Broadway actor.

Richard Dreyfuss won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Elliot Garfield.
At this time he became the youngest man to win an Oscar for Best Actor. (at 30 years old).
(Adrien Brody broke this record 25 years later for The Pianist. He was one month shy of 30).

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The Link Editor


The Link Editor allow you to put a link to your Home Screen Slider Images. Simply choose your Home Screen Slide and select a tab to link to. Users will be able to click on a Home Screen Slide Image and will be directed to a tab inside your App!

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Your Images


In Appearance, Background Image you can add new images.
Select a new image background in the Library. It will place it in your images directory. Then you can download it or erase it or let it there. You will upload it or not in your home screen images selection.

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The Reservoir Apps CMS has a big image background archive.
You just go to any tab in your App in the right on the screen.
You just select if you need to put it on tablet or phone.
A new page is opening. You can select your background image from selected categories in the Library!

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The Photo Editor


Each time you put a background image on any tabs in your App you can edit it. Then you will display the Photo Editor.
You can customize any background images with it.
You have the best effects to use.

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