Your App is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tab.
You can select special backgrounds for each of them.
You can put a special slideshow with 5 images and links assigned to it.

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The Reservoir Apps CMS allow you to change your menu appearance and position whenever you need to!
Simply goes to Appearance, Home Screen, Layout and begin to make a few modification. Save it and reload your page to see the result in the right preview screen.
That’s it, you already have a new menu!

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Why does your business absolutely need YouTube?


Here is a few stats to begin:
– Number of unique visits to Youtube every month: 1 billion
– Percent of Youtube visitors that come from outside the U.S: 80%
– Number of videos viewed on Youtube everyday: 4,25 billion
– 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute
– Total number of hours of video watched on Youtube each month: 6,25 billion hours
– Youtube mobile gets over 600 million views a day
– Mobile makes up almost 40% of Youtube’s global watch time
– YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website after Google and Facebook

More on the LinkedIn Article:

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The Preview Screen


In every step of the creation of your App or in any aspect of your content uploading you can select to show the preview screen on the right of your screen.
It will help you to have an instant preview of your work.

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Send Push Notification


You can send push notification so easily!
In one minute you can select between our big template archive.
You select the template to fit your needs and upload your own image. Add your text and that’s done! You are ready to send your push notification to your customers.

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