Your business need Instagram!


– Instagram is booming (more than 300 millions users)
It’s the best social network to make business according to:
It says: “For Business, Instagram is King” and “After analyzing data from 6,000 of our customers, we found that Instagram was the most effective social network based on the massive growth in their user base, how engaged their users are, and how activity on Instagram correlates with sales.”

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The Real Estate Tab

In the Real Estate Tab, you can enter any kind of house you need to sell or rent. It’s so simple to use it, just add your house and fill the form!
Check step by step through images below!

Here is the Real Estate Tab home in the admin mode
First, click on the “Add Listing” button.
You will access to Real Estate Home.
A few subtabs are available in the top menu.

The Location Subtab
– Enter your Address (the map show it now), select your distance type and upload a thumbnail.
Then you will click on the “Home info” subtab (see below)

The Home Info Subtab
– You can now select if it’s for Own or Rentals.
– Select a price and a currency.
– Then a home type: Single Family, Condo, Townhouse, Multi Family, Apartment, Mobile Manufactured, Coop Unit, Vacat land, other…
– Choose your status: Not available or active.
– Select Beds and Bath number, and Lot size.
Add the Year Build and year updated.
Then you will add a description!

The Additional Info is the most important subtab of all (see below)
There is several categories where you can select any details you need for your Own or Rental description. (like Rooms, Basement, Architectural style, ….)

The Contact Subtab
You can add your agent name, email and phone number

The Photos Subtab
You will be able to add your photos here with description if you need to put some.

IMG_1433  IMG_1434


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