The Preview App is on every pages of the CMS!


Very Useful, you can have your Preview App displayed on every single page of your CMS.
For example, you need to add new images in your background images section. You can add images in second and Click the home button to refresh the simulation on your right side of your screen.

You can verify every single link your put on your home screen slider in real time, in the same screen.

Your app management and customization are going more effective!

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Active & Inactive Tabs


You are in the Functionality Section!

You can see that you have two column: One left for Active Tabs and on right for Inactive Tabs.
To make inactive one active tab? So simple: drag and drop your selected tab from the left to the right.
The same to the left to make inactive to active!

Each tab can be edited anytime to change the tab function, the icon tab and the name tab.

Remember that in full screen mode, your preview app is always present on the right part of your screen!

2015 © The Reservoir Apps Team.

The Reservoir Apps CMS has a new design!


The Reservoir Apps CMS interface has been changed for a new design! The Preview section has been removed.

This preview will be available on each part of the interface in full screen on the right side. This new version is more intuitive.

The Active and Inactive Tabs are now present in the Functionality section. (in the “Appearance and third subtb previously).

In the Publish section, subtabs have been created for more understanding. There is “App Information”, “App Icon”, “Screenshots” and “Loading Screen”.

In the “Screenshot” subtab you can generate automatically screenshots for mobile, iPhone 5 and iPad sizes.

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Add any Instagram account inside your app!

IMG_8821Here is the image tab where is included an Instagram account!
You can add as many Instagram account as you want inside your professional app!
Images are sized differently depending of the lines.
If you click on one you will see your image + description & hashtag. Begin to slide from left to right and you can watch all of it.

You business need Instagram and your professional app too!


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