The “News Tab”


The news tab allow you to active the newsfeed widget who appear on the bottom of the app, horizontally from right to left.
Infos are displayed from Google News, Twitter and Facebook. When user see something he is interested in, he can click on the newsfeed widget. Then the news tab section will be opened.
Three subtabs are available: News, Twitter and Facebook with text news organized by categories.

You can select any news and share it by Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and by SMS. Each news is linked to one content online so you can read it and/or click on the link to see the real source.
All inside the App.

You can add one or several keywords for each.
For Twitter, add the name of your account.
Infos will be displayed not only if you send a tweet but also if someone speak about you and your business online on Tweeter.

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Notification Audience


Notification Audience: send push notification to users within a specific area is very useful.
Click on the “Message” top button and open the push notification. In the Second tab: Location you will find a map.
You can adjust your Notification Audience by selecting “Specific Area Users” or “All users”.

“All users” will close the map. We just focus here on the “Specific Area Users”. You can adjust very specifically by choosing “radius” or “geo-fence”. ”
Radius” give you a circle to adjust and “Geo-fence” give you a triangle to adjust more precisely.

Take a look on the map and move the Circle of Triangle on it.
You will change the Located App Users number on the top right.

This tool give you the exact number of users by platform and by selected area. Try to put another address and make the same exercise, it’s very knowledgeable!

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The Reservoir VOD App is available on Google Play!


The Reservoir VOD app is available on the Google Play store.
You will find classic movies in a mobile device format. Trailers, Gallery, Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Google + are displayed.

Google Play store:

The infos tab has been used to create categories and to keep users as long as possible until they access to the register/payment page.

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In Appearance, Appearance, Subtabs you will add more specific tabs on your screen.
Click on the “Add” button to add your new tab.
A big new tab archive is available. You can also add your own icon tab and upload it here.

The Homescreen only selection is very useful. It will give you the possibility to add your new tab on the center of the screen and to remove it from the icon tab list on the bottom of your app (where you menu are).

You can choose to put your very important tabs as a subtab and less specific tabs in the bottom.
It’s an example, you can make a lot of combination.

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iTunes Import


In the Music Tab you can import music from iTunes in a few steps.  Just click on the “Import from iTunes” button.

A new page is opening, you can make your search by Album URL or only by search. By search you need to put the country and keyword (artist name, album name or track) and then click on the “Search Songs from App Store”.
You will quickly have a list of track. Select the track you need and click on the “Import Track” button. And it’s done.

You will have your music track as shown on iTunes, not the complete one but a part of it.
Customers will listen to it and will click on the shop icon to buy it on iTunes.

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Global Fonts


In Appearance, Appearance, Global Style and Fonts you will find the Global Fonts for your App.

There is a selector with all fonts available.
You only have to choose one font between the big archive.
On the right, the phone preview you can see instantly the modification made. No need to make a preview of your app.

A special font can be choose with a new graphic updated.
Your app is always in movement!

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Inactive/Active Tabs


In Appearance, App Layout, you will find two rows:
Inactive Tabs & Active Tabs.
Mostly part of time you will have your tabs activate and available on the right row.
Each tabs can be edited and moved.

In your professional app you will have to be efficient.
You will have tabs in the 2 rows. Inactive Tab are ready to be active anytime and so on for selected active tabs. You can active or inactive Tabs by a single drag and drop from right to left to inactivate and from left to right to activate.

So you can be ready to modify instantly all graphics inside your app. Of course you are also ready to switch background images and new images are ready to be used.
In the Inactive Tabs Row, you will find a “Active All” button.
You will be able to re-active all your inactive tabs in second.

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Grid to Cover-Flow


In the Image Gallery Tab, you can switch your Gallery Type from the classic grid to a more effective Cover-flow.

Users will love it and click on one selected image in the cover-flow. Instantly the image is opening in large format.

Image can be save in the Camera Roll, share in Twitter/Facebook, sent by SMS & E-mail.

Don’t forget, your app need to be professional and attractive!

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The Green Hornet 1940 TV Series


The Green Hornet 1940 TV Series is available in the Google Play store!
You can download the mobile application and watch the all episodes!
Here is the link:

You can find three way to push your youtube videos.
– In the Infos Tab, one click on image display a youtube video.
– In the Website Tab: The complete series is available in a youtube playlist.
– In the Youtube Channel, you can find some episodes.

Your professional app need videos and you can add the 1st video platform in the world inside it.

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