Differents Tabs


In Appearance, appearance, home screen, layout you can choose to customize all tabs, a specific one or some of them and not others.
It depends if you create a separate appearance or not.

The best way to customize one specific tab is to click on it on the preview on the right. The individual tab details appear and you are able to make a separate appearance. If you don’t make one, you will customize the all tabs in the same time.

If you have separate appearance, you will see which tabs have it when you make a global customization.
These tabs will not be modified on the preview screen on the right. Make separate appearance and customization for specials tabs is very useful to push some categories.

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Mobile this year?


Your business need to have a mobile application this year!
An App available on every devices and on every platforms.
Easy to build and easy to manage.
An App connected to the social network.
A place to show your content, your images, your PDF, every part of your marketing stuff.
A content management system to have every part of your business available.
One update, one push notification with geo-fencing and you are done! As simple as that.
Come to test our CMS, there is a 14 day free trial account.
You won’t be disappointed!

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Rows & Tabs


In Appearance, Appearance and Layout you can select how many rows and tabs you want.
On the right part of the screen you have a preview App where you can see the modification you just made.

You need to know how many rows you want to select before to make the home background image.
4 rows maximum can be displayed on the screen.
If you select 3 tabs only (the minimum of it) you will have big icon tabs and it’s going to cover almost all the home screen.
Make some test and choose for you the right combination.
Then you will know about your background image.

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Ready to upload your image background into the CMS?


So, you are ready to make your own professional App?
You want to have your app online on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store?
It will be great to have a mobile html5 website to be available on the other devices? (windows, blackberry for example).
And to be able to manage it through the best CMS of the mobile market?
Yes you can, you are on the Reservoir Apps CMS.

First you have to prepare different image background to fit the specific sizes. It’s really important to create one background image with 640×960 pixels for smartphone and one background image with 1536×2048 pixels for tablets.
If you don’t have a soft like photoshop to make the size you can upload your image online and the CMS will crop it for you.
If your image is to heavy (the CMS will tell you if it does), you will have to use a soft anyway.

Your background images are uploaded into the CMS?
You are able to take your time to add tabs, add tab icons and make some preview of your App.

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Push Notification Content


Each tabs and sub tabs of your App can be reach by a push notification.
In your Messages section, in step 3 (Link Content), you have to select the Content Type. Select “Link to a specific tab”.
The tab list is appearing. If you select a tab with sub tabs included you are going to see a new list appearing below your tab.
You can check the sub tab you want to link.
No need to push your content on the home screen to have more visibility, you can make a specific push to a specific tab inside your app.
And push after push you can make discover your all App to your customers.

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The Halloween App is launched on the Google Play store!


The Halloween App is launched today in the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_halloween20.layout&hl=en

New graphics and a new menu with 2 rows.
Images in the home screen sliders appears from right to left on the top of the image background. The classic menu with modern icon tabs has no text below it. (You can add it if you want)

Priority is for graphics, no need text here.
The 2 rows menu is sliding horizontally in 2 times.
No need to slide it more than twice because of the 2 rows.

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A great tool for a perfect mobile marketing campaign!


Nowadays, almost everyone need to sell products and or services. It can be material or non material products.
You can have a store online to sell digital products or not, it depends of your business. It’s up to you.

If you are on the top, you are already in the mobile world, your app is still online, available on the biggest store (Google Play & App Store). But maybe you have a closed app with no possibility to make any changes without republish on stores.
Maybe you need to make daily changes on it?
Maybe you need to push each day another product and/or event?

You can push products in the home screen sliders with the Reservoir Apps CMS. Each slide is linked to a content tab in the App. Once online on stores, your App is completely customizable. That means that you can reorganize your graphics, your contents and your tabs. Your App, though your access to the CMS, is a great tool for a perfect mobile marketing campaign. So, your product is in the home screen sliders, it is linked to your specific content in a tab inside your App and you are going to make a push notification to your customers? What next?

You are going to make some change to be ready for your next products and for your next day if you make daily updates.
You need the Reservoir Apps CMS to drive your business online with a sophisticated push notification and Tab & User Analytics. You app must have a professional style and to be practical in any way. It’s very useful to have the possibility for your customers to browse your app offline. It’s very useful for you to publish your content in the same time for smartphones and tablets & for Android, iOS, and html 5 websites.
Welcome in the mobile world with the best CMS of the mobile market.
Welcome home!

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Only Jazz – new stream added!


Today, here is another stream audio added on the Reservoir Musics App! Taken from the shoutcast website. OnlyJazz from the Jazz section. File downloaded and the url inside put in one another audio track in the “Music Tab”. As simple as that.

The Reservoir Musics App is available on the Google Play store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_reservoirmusics.layout&hl=en

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Upload image & text is so easy with the Reservoir Apps CMS!


The Reservoir Apps CMS is very simple to use.
You only have to upload background images. If you don’t know if your image is too big, the CMS will tell you about it. If it’s too big it will be refused.
You don’t know about the size? The CMS knows perfectly and your image can be cropped online. Wysiwyg editor available in the “Music Tab” & the “Info Tab” for example, will format your text. Write it in the editor, and select your font and size, it’s done!
You also can edit the html code.
You can add your content and test how it looks in the Preview section.
You don’t like that you have done? It’s ok, you can remove it, or a part of it and make a new Preview.
Don’t hesitate to test the CMS!

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Push Notification – Publish


When you send a push notification you can send it right away and select the “Send now” radio button.

But you can also send it the date, hour and minute you have selected  when you select the “send on” radio button.

Be sure to have the right GMT by selecting it in the scroll menu on the right.
You can also select your push to be active until a selected date. When you are ready, click on the “Publish Message”.

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