In the “Image Gallery Tab” select the last image service: Instagram. Click on connect to Instagram, you will be redirect to your Instagram account.
Once you put your user and password, it’s done.
You can add as many Instagram as you need in your App by adding “Image Gallery Tab”.

You can always put an image background, as for the other Image Service, and like every other tabs in your App.

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In the “Image gallery Tab” select the easier and third image service: Picasa.
You just have to enter your email (your picasa user ID) and select your Gallery Type: Cover-flow or basic Gallery style.
And that’s it!
You can always put an image background, as for the other Image Service, and like every other tabs in your App.

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Put easily your images into your App!


Create easily your App with the Reservoir Apps CMS.
Add the tab you need, the “Image Gallery Tab” to insert your images through Flickr for example.

You can also add your Picasa or Instagram account.
A custom image service function is available, you upload directly your images into your CMS account.
Grid and Coverflow Gallery type are available, like in your Flickr and Picasa account.

Put your images in your app has never been so easy!
Come to check our CMS, a 14 day free trial account is available!

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In the “Image Gallery Tab” click on the Flickr Image Service.
You need to put an API key and the email your put as an user when you access to your flickr account.
You will find your API Key here:

Settings let you have 2 type of Gallery:
Photo Sets and Photo Stream.
It let you have 2 display style: Coverflow and Gallery style.

Once you fix it, you only need to add your images on your flickr account to display it on your App.

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The Tab Analytics


The Tab Analytics is the third selection on the left analytics menu, after “Dashboard” and “User Analytics”. It’s the most important one. You simply can check which is the more efficient tab where users goes, the top 5 tabs for iPhone, Android and Html5, and also the top 5 Items.
In the Tab Overview, in order to check detailed chart, click on the bar from one tab. You will be able to view your statistic tab by platform and even compare them.
You can go back anytime to your previous graphic by clicking on the “Back to Overview” button.
You can select any tab directly on the right top selector.
On the top menu, you can choose a period: Daily, Monthly and Annual. You can also put a period date manually.

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The mobile word is in your hand!


Small Businesses, come to create your native app with the Reservoir Apps CMS, no need to know any code, you will add your images, icons and text in minutes.

If you want to publish on the Google Play store, your app can be available during the day.
You need to know what kind of Icon App you want to create and same for your Splash Screen (it’s the first image who appear when you launch an app).
That’s all!

You can customize your app daily and put in front, the most important thing you need to sell.
In front, in the home slideshow with link to your category.
A push notification can also be link to it.

Welcome to the mobile marketing world linked to social network!

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The “Around us Tab”


The “Around us Tab” will allow you to add places and monuments near you. You have 3 colors for three category.
The colors can be changed and also the name of the categories.

Each time you add a POI (Point of Interest) you have to select in which category/color you put it. Click on the “Add POI” button.

A new page is opening where you have 2 sub tabs: General Information & Comments. In General Information you will put your infos about the place or monument.
Fill the form, the more important is the address and phone, email and website. It will be display on the bottom of your tab with “Directions”. When you click on one item it display the number of kilometer or mile you have to go there. Very useful!

Phone 4 View

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You need to enter into the mobile word right now!


Your business need to be mobile as soon as possible.
Not a single responsive website for sure, it’s not enough.
A native App!

Your clients will not understand not to find you in the mobile world. Your content has to be available anytime on smartphones and tablets. You need to have a CMS access to publish your content to every devices in realtime in seconds.

No need to republish once your app is online on Google Play & App Store. You need to simplify your work!
Come to check our CMS, the best of the mobile market.
You will customize your App and build it but not only.
You will be able to modify any part of your App anytime, even after publication.
Everything is so simple on the Reservoir Apps CMS!

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The “Wufoo Form Tab”


The “Wufoo Form Tab” allow you to add any form created in your Wufoo account. You can easily create one free account here:
Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun.

Once you have created your form you can copy the ” Wufoo form URL” and the “Wufoo form name” and past it in your tab.
You can add as many form as you want but don’t forget to put a specific name to each form, not only numbers because user will access to a list of form on the “Wufoo Form Tab”.

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Send push notifications to a very specific area


Use “Specific Area Users” (in messages, location) when you make your push notification to target your audience.
If you have typed an address, you will have by default a radius presentation. You can maximize or minimize it. You will see in real time your downloaded apps in the “Located App Users”.
Enter another address to watch the differences.

This tool is very useful to send your push notifications to users in a specific area.
Move from “Radius” to “Geo-fence” and you will have a triangle.
You can adjust it more efficiency than the “Radius” one.
You can make any form and zone you need with it.
Adjust a specific area and send your push notification to it.

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