Online and Offline mode for your professional App!


Your content has to be available to your clients with an online and offline mode ! You can do that with a native App for Android & iOS.

Wifi and 3G are almost everywhere but users can have issues like disconnection or anything who might interrupt the signal.

Reservoir Apps let you create your professional App with an Offline mode available, users can choose to have it or not when they open the first time the App.

You need to stay close to your clients (in their pockets) and you need to stay there forever, at least the more you can reach.


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Be mobile now!


You work in fashion, media, photography and you have pictures and content to sale, be ready to go mobile this year.
Your work and your clients is there!

You can work easily your App on the Reservoir Apps CMS and have a beautiful and professional App.
You will add a tab or some for your images and connect to your Instagram, Flickr, Picasa account. You can also upload your images into the CMS.

You will add the merchandise tab to connect to your shop online.
Use the home screen to put a slide show and link to your content inside the App.

Target your push notifications and link them to the tab you want your clients to go.
It’s the mobile world, it’s your world, it’s now!

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3 kind of menus in your App!


Small Businesses, your App has to be professional for sure, and it has to be easy to customize, anytime, to be always on top.
You need to change the classic menu, so you can add rows, modify the tab number from 3 to 4 or to 5,  put the menu on top, left, right or bottom.
You can also select a new kind of menu.
From classic/traditional you can select one of the two modern others. Your menu will be now appearing on the right when you click on the top left widget.
So you have more place on your image background to put your infos.

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The Modern Panel Slider Tiles


The Modern Panel Slider Tiles is one of the three kind of menu you can use in your App.
This one can be used with the buttons displayed in the CMS, or some you made and uploaded inside.
Buttons and Transparency are also done with the Background Opacity and Background Tint.
So keep the classic design mode with the new app presentation, your menu is not always visible, and you can have a bigger place on the screen.

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Fonts in your App is a very important function to check. Go to “Appearance, Appearance, Global Style and Fonts”.
Global Fonts are available. Scroll the list on the right.

Be careful there is an important list but changes only works on your right preview app screen if you have font installed on your computer.

The all App is going to have this font, even the words your are going to write on your WYSIWYS editor for the Infos Tab.
In the meantime Font can be changed anytime you want!

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The “Podcast Tab”


The “Podcast Tab” will allow you to put a sound podcast or a video one. You have to choose only one when you add it in your tab, even if you have to form to fill.
You can choose to select podcast RSS URL from iTunes.
Be careful to subscribe to the RSS before to go to your podcast section and to copy the RSS URL.
You can watch the video made for it, see below.
You can name each “Podcast Tab” you add and add several Podcast in your App.

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Your audience is mobile!


Your audience is mobile, so you can make push notifications with geo-fencing, put your latitude and longitude and even put a radius number in miles or kilometer.

Imagine, you are a rock band who is coming in a week in a specific area!
Your fans have already downloaded your professional App and watch your every move.
Of course, they know where your next concert are, but maybe not the all of them.
It doesn’t matter indeed.

You are going to send them a few push notification with geo-fencing to target them. Your marketing campaign will be more effective this way.

You need to have a native App, doesn’t it?

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The Modern Panel Slider List


The Modern Panel Slider List is one of the three kind of menu you can use in your App. This one can be use with a transparency, like the classic one.
Go to Apperance, Home screen, Layout and select the “Modern Panel Slider List” in the scrolling menu.
You have Traditional,  Modern Panel Slider List and Modern Panel Slider Tiles. You can choose to disable the Status Bar.
Go to “Buttons” and change the color text. You will be able to change the color to the icon in the “Icon Color” Title on the left.
This menu will be display on the left of your App, the image background will be visible with a blur.

IMG_8098 ,IMG_8099

iPhone 4 view, the home tab with the new menu on the top left

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It’s time to go mobile this year!


You only need to put your logo on the icon App and same on the Splash Screen (the first image appearing on the app when you launch it).
You already have an account on the Reservoir Apps CMS.
A few tab are available. You are going to check the other tabs.
You don’t know yet which to have for your business.

We can make a review with you, because sooner or later we have to make a review, especially on the iOS part. The Apple team review is very strict and you have ton include some tabs in your App to be published. You will check later if you are not going to use one or some and remove it from your App.

Because once published, you can make anything you want with your professional App. Every action needed to fit your marketing campaign through the social network!

Let’s go, it’s time to go mobile this year!

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The “Contact Tab”


The “Contact Tab” will allow you to add a contact area to your App. When your “Home Tab” is already done, you simply add the “Contact Tab” who is going to take all data entered in the first.
Nothing more to do, maybe adding a background image.
In the “Contact Tab” you can display your opening times for your business. You add your location, website, mail and phone.

In the top of the tab (when you see it from your device) you have a map to show your location.
Below is your opening times, then comments. In the bottom part, you have the “Call us”  button to call directly from your phone, the Directions button to see the location on a map, the E-mail button to send directly a mail from your device and the Website button to go to the website.

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