The “Email Photo Tab”


The “Email Photo Tab” will allow users to send you a photo from his device. He open the tab, take his pictures and send you a mail with the image attached to it to the address you submitted in the tab.
You have to fill the Description, Email, Subject form and you can change the background image like any other tabs.

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The “Food Ordering Tab”


The “Food Ordering Tab” will allow you to sell your food.
Your restaurant is right inside your App.
You can show your dishes and select services available (Dine in, Takeout, Delivery).
First you will Manage Items, adding category and items.
When you open item you will have to put a name, a description and a price. You will upload an image, select the category and the availability of your item.
You have the option to put different size and price for it.
You can edit your Restaurant information to put name, description and address and other things.
Then select your location and payment.

The “Food Ordering Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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Like every business you want to reach clients to sell them your products.
One of the best way to reach clients is Geo-fencing.
It means that you have to select a specific area when you send push notifications.
Clients are involved when something happen in their area, close to them. If you sell tickets for a show, you will select a specific area around the show to be attractive.
Your clients will not move so far.
It means you have to learn to build specific push notifications for specific areas.
Don’t hesitate to use the template archive to fit your need.
You will be able to send your message in seconds, no need to loose time.
For each event and for each area you will send push notifications but it will not be for the same clients!

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The “Reservation Tab”


The “Reservation Tab” will allow you to show items you want to sell with a price and a reservation fee.
Very useful for example if you have a restaurant and a delivery service. Clients will be able to make reservation on items you push. You can name your item, put a picture, a price, a reservation fee and a duration for this service.
You can specify the availability from the days of the week.
Of course you will have to put the location (where is your shop) and edit the payment to add your paypal client ID.
You can be connected to Google Calendar and specify a printer (enable e-print Printers, enable classics Printers or connect to Google Cloud Printer).
Last section, the Reservation Confirmation Email.
Click edit and it appear each part of the mail template you and user receive when an action is done (make a reservation, print, cancel,…). All can be set here!

The “Reservation Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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The faster way of communication!


Small Businesses, your communication is going through the social network. You need to take the faster way of communication indeed. Your content is delivery through your App, available on iOS & Android and for Smartphones and Tablets.
You can update any content you want in seconds.
Users can see it also in seconds and they may want to share it.
They can share your content through Mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
Your clients are always connected to social network and have your App in their pocket.
So, when you want to make the buzz, they are there to spread it like a wildfire!
So, your marketing is viral and it’s good for your business.
Your App has unlimited download and unlimited push notifications and a sophisticated statistics because your account is open on Reservoir Apps.
Thanks to be part of the best CMS of the mobile market!
Thanks you.

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The “Email Form Tab”


The “Email Form Tab” is a very sophisticated Mailing list Form.
You can build your own newsletter by selecting your fields and edit properties.
First you will fill the Form Properties where you will put the email who receive submitted form. Then you will add Form Title and Description.
You will click on Add a Field, and you will see the Field list.
Click on a field to add it.
In the Field Properties you can change the Field Label, select if the form is required or not and put guidelines for user.
Save the form.
You have also a form design where you can edit the theme of the form. You can change the header, label and elements of your form. You can also check the statistics tool to watch the usability statistics.

The “Email Form Tab” from Reservoir Apps on Vimeo.

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Really want to be part of the mobile world? Sure?



Like everyone in this world you sell products, you want to stay on the line, to be in touch, close to your clients, to fit their needs.
You say you can have a responsive website or maybe an html5 website.  Your clients will be able to watch your content on their mobile devices yes, but..  Yes, there is a but!

You want to be part of the new mobile world without having a native App?  Let me laugh! You will never be seen as a professional!
So, your website is not giving an Appstore link and a Google Play store link?
Customers can even watch a little “Html5” link in the bottom of your website? You are so wrong!
Be part of the mobile family and put the same services as everywhere and propose a native App for iOs & Android.
There is big differences between html5 and native App, the native App is faster, can be reach offline,  graphics fit mobile devices (images background are specially sized for smartphone and tablets), users have downloaded it and there is an icon on their home screen that they will often keep it for a long time, you can make push notifications with it, and so on….
Html5 is cheaper for very small business who don’t want to be part of the mobile world.

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Everything is marketing!


Time is going so fast these days! Do you think so?
In fact, time is always the same… Our society is going faster, multi-connected and always aware to something new, something who make the buzz.
People want to know about news and want to be the first to know about it, sure, to be the one to speak to colleague and friends.
That’s why everything is marketing, and in 2014, marketing is mobile!
Your company is selling products through mobile devices and now it’s possible not only to update your content in real time but also to modify any part of your App in real time.
Your big event of the day has to be seen and every part of your App has to reflect it. So you have changed all tab icons, all images background, and remove specifics tabs to add some new.
You will remove everything at the end of the day for sure, and you will do it very fast.
The mobile marketing is so powerful that your company need to have an App powered by a sophisticated CMS.

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In 2014 the new marketing is mobile!


Imagine, for a few minutes you need to push a content, you will send push notifications to your customers, they click on it to be driven on any part of your app you decided to.
On the home screen of your App you put a link to your new content and the home image represent a big part of your article. So, even if they don’t want push or if they don’t saw the push, they can also watch your home and see your new content.
Deal done! Next? You new article is ready, so let’s change the homescreen, a new push is sent, you selected your new push notifications area and grab a few more customers. And so on…
Of course it means you don’t need to republish your App to add more content, even more, it means you can modify any part of your App (you can decide to move tabs between articles for example).
In 2014 the new marketing is mobile and of course only on mobile devices! Close to your customers and close to their needs!
On the Reservoir Apps CMS, the future is already there!

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Sophisticated Push Notifications



The Push notification area is a very sophisticated tool!

Go to “Messages” on the top menu. You can see that you can send your text to “iPhone App users”, “Android App User” and to Facebook & Twitter (You need to connect to both first. Then you will be able to check it).

Go to “Location” to determine if you want to send your push to All users or to Specific area users. (specific area users will show you a map where you will be able to select your area choice).

Go to “Content” to send your content and select:
1 Website Url,
2 Link to a specific tab,
3 Choose from our Offers (it’s the templates archive).
The template archive is very simple to manage and modify.
You will be able to send to your customers a professional push with content and link that they can receive in their “Message Tab” .

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