The best CMS of the mobile market!


Nowadays, the best way to manage your business is to have an App published on Appstore & Google Play.
The best thing is to manage your App regularly, with no need to republish it on stores.
You need to make it through the best CMS of the market.
The Reservoir Apps CMS will allow you to do it!
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Subtabs for iPad & Android Tab


“Subtabs” will allow you to add tabs for iPad & Android Tab.
You will find it in the Appearance section, in homescreen/subtabs. Check the “Show on iPad only” and click on Add button. A new popup page will show up. You can put a tab title, a tab label text color and a text color shadow. You have to select a created tab to link to.
A big new tab archive is available but you can also upload your own tab by clicking on “Upload Custom Icon”.
Subtabs will be shown only in your iPad and Android Tab.
If you open your App on iPhone, you won’t see any.
The Reservoir Apps Team.


You create your own App!


Reservoir Apps is giving you the possibility to get involved in the creation of your app.
Simply by adding content tab available in our powerful CMS. Then assign them background images.
Then adding your content. Then be published on stores!
You will be able to update your content anytime you want. You will be able to switch, modify, remove any content, tab, background images you want.
The Reservoir Apps Team.



In the “Appearance” section you will find in “Global Style” the font menu.
You can choose your font App between a big selection.
Simply select one, you will see your font appear in the right preview app.
If you want to save it, click on the save icon on top.
The Reservoir Apps Team.



The “Header” is an important element of your App indeed.
In the “Appearance” section you will find it in Global style/Header.
You can find a big archive of header ready to use and select one of them.
In the right you have one preview of the App to show you the header you have selected and changes you made, very useful.
Once selected, you can adjust the bar background color, the background opacity, the bar item & text color and even the shadow.
You simply can upload your own header in the app.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Easy App Creation


With the Reservoir Apps CMS, the creation of mobile application has never been so easy!
You may have an open account on our CMS.
You create your app by simply adding a few tabs,
As a small business, you certainly add an “Info Tab” to put infos about your company. You will add maybe a “Mailing List Tab” to let clients sending their mail to have news about you.
What about an “Image Gallery Tab” to connect to your instagram account online?
The Reservoir Apps Team.

The Color Theme


The “Color Theme” is available in the Appearance section.
Click on the “Global Style” then “Lists” on the left vertical menu.
Appears a selection of “Color theme” you can choose from.
After selection you can manage colors between “Bar” and “Text” with “Section, Odd Row and Even Row”.
Step by step, everything is always customizable.
The Reservoir Apps Team.

Unlimited Updates


More and more businesses begin to understand that they need a mobile App but not only.
They also need to manage it weekly and often daily.
They certainly need a CMS (content management system) to make modification, update their content like any modern website.
The Reservoir Apps CMS let you make this.
With 24/7 support and unlimited CMS update for the duration of your subscription.
Include unlimited app download and unlimited push notifications.
The best CMS of the mobile market for a very affordable price.
It’s not just an App, it’s your business presence with regular update with no need to republish on stores!
The Reservoir Apps Team.

The Publish section


The Publish section allow you to put your App information: App Name, App Icon Name, App Keywords, App Description, contact email, Official website, App category.
You can select the price of your App or let it free.
You can check the Audio Background Play to enable music or audio to play in the background of your App.
You will add your App icon then and the screenshots of your app for mobile, iphone5 and iPad format.
You will add then your Splashscreen.
The Reservoir Apps Team.