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Photo Editor: Frames


Select any images background inside your app and edit it.
In this example we select the image background inside the Fan Wall Tab. Edit it and it will open the Photo Editor.
Select Frames and you will have a big choice of frames to add to your image.

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Photo Editor: Effects


The Photo Editor can be used on any background images inside the CMS. You will find some great tools to edit your images.
Effects is one of them. You will use it and apply some great effects. Simply click on your selected one and see the preview of it below.
Anytime you can cancel your choice.

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The Charles Dickens App, available on Google Play


The Charles Dickens App is now available on the Google Play Store:

Users can select book to read or audio to listen.
There is audio book in audio format & YouTube format.
The Charles Dickens Complete books are available in a PDF format.
When you open the App you can listen the first audio book who start automatically. Go to the Audio Books Tab to select one another one or to close this one.
Enjoy the App!

IMG_3807 IMG_3810

IMG_3813 IMG_3814

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In the Appearance Tab, you will find the Home Screen Subtab and the Header section where you will be able to modify your Header.
You can choose between the big selection in the CMS or upload one from your library. Very useful when you want to put your logo brand on every tabs on the top screen.

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Home Screen Sliders


In the Appearance Tab, you will find the Background Images and the Home Screen Sliders. You can easily link slides to images & slides to tabs. User will be able to click on each slides to go on tabs inside your App. Easy to update on every devices, smartphones and tablets in real time.

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Three differents menus are available.
Traditional, Modern Panel Slider List and Modern Panel Slider Tiles.
Each menu can be edited. Buttons, Icons Color, Rows, Tab Number can be modified in second.

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The Photo Editor


Each background images added into the CMS can be edited.
In the Photo Editor, you can apply many effects on it.
You can also crop your image and replace it. You will find a great archive inside the CMS. Don’t forget to add an image background for the tablet size.

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