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Google publish a new Patent including Holograms for Head Wearable Display… is it for Google Glass?


Google has just published a new patent application the 1st October:
Titled “Lightguide With Multiple In-Coupling Holograms For Head Wearable Display

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The Facebook Supremacy: Create existing services to be applied to it’s huge community!


Facebook always decide to create a service/technology (Facebook Video) or to buy an existing one (WhatsApp, Instagram).
It depends if this service has to be implemented and will be part of his huge community. A lot of technologies depends on social networks to share content. When the biggest social network is creating similar techno to be included to his community, this is not with other crush.

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Tinder & Forbes get close to LinkedIn by launching a new b2b App: 30 Under 30


First, what is exactly Tinder? It’s about matching people by selecting image profile and to swipe to right (validate) or left (cancel) to do it.
You need to connect with your Facebook account only. Then you will indicate your location and your research criteria. When you match, you can chat with the person you chose.

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Gamee: A new social network….for gamers?



What is the purpose of a social network? Express yourself? Upload your content? Communicate with others?

What if you communicate in a social network by playing games?
With Gamee, you play games, highlight scores and share it with friends.
You follow gamers and compare scores.
You are involved in lines (the line category show your progression in games with your contacts).

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Why Facebook Video is going to kill YouTube?


– With more than 1.5 billion active users, Facebook’s user base is 50 percentlarger than YouTube’s.
– Facebook users already watch 4 billion videos daily.
– 75 percent of Facebook videos are consumed on mobile devices, versus just 50 percent of YouTube videos that are watched on mobile.

#Google Services
In a previous article i was speaking about Google services, how every part of them are interconnected. See “Google is in your life, everyday!

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Think Mobile First!


Here is a few numbers to begin:
78% of US Facebook users access via mobile at least once a month.
60% of Twitter users access via mobile at least once a month.
40% of YouTube video plays in the US now come from mobile.
Mobile users are 66% more likely to retweet.
Facebook Fan page posts from mobile devices are 39% more engaging.
Mobile advertising is 25% of YouTube’s revenue.
Data is coming from

Mobile isn’t coming soon, it’s already here!

Your business needs to be mobile right now. So it has to be available on mobile devices. At least mobile friendly, you need to have your website to be responsive design. The better is to have your own native app. It’s the best and more powerful than a mobile website. A native app has content and specially images to fit mobile devices (in a mobile device, header image needs to be in a higher definition). Users can use the app in an offline mode. Push notification with geo-fencing can be sent. And there is so much more…

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American Graffiti (1973)


American Graffiti is a 1973 American film directed and co-written by George Lucas.

Lucas Webpage:
Official Trailer:

The first time i saw this movie was a few years ago.
I don’t watched it really, i mean i don’t remember it.
I just saw it a few days ago and i can tell it’s a bomb, it’s cult, it’s unforgettable, it’s about disillusion, about the end of something and the begin of something else. It’s about teenagers, about cars and a drive-in who is the center of their world.

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Build your brand online!


You need to focus to only one thing!
To build your brand online, everyday, by selecting interesting content to your future clients. You need to write and produce content, and again and again…..
Every part of your activity has to be done in a reflexive way.
Which content to propose this day and not another day, which pictures to put in front, which tags, which hours to post.

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The Goodbye Girl (1977)


The 1977 original version is played by Richard DreyfussMarsha Mason & Quinn Cummings

Here is the pitch: After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, an unemployed dancer and her 10-year-old daughter are reluctantly forced to live with a struggling off-Broadway actor.

Richard Dreyfuss won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Elliot Garfield.
At this time he became the youngest man to win an Oscar for Best Actor. (at 30 years old).
(Adrien Brody broke this record 25 years later for The Pianist. He was one month shy of 30).

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5 points to know if you are a specialist like Max Rockatansky!


Here is the Mad Max intro pitch:
A police officer has been killed by a man who had stolen the police vehicle.
The Nighrider (as he named himself:“I am the Nightrider! I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine!”) is speaking on the police radio frequency all the pursuit.
Two vehicles and a motorcylce failed to catch the Nightrider.
The motorcycle man is calling Max to go after it.

1) Specialist is checking his tools before to work
Max is checking is engine then he cleans his hands and he dresses
– When you are a specialist in your domain, you have to be sure your tools are clean and ready to use.

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