The Best CMS of the Mobile Market!

Nowadays, you need to have the best tools to manage your content online.
It’s time to go mobile for anyone who have a business online.
It’s time to manage and update any content you have with a mobile Content Management System (CMS)
A native App completely manageable!
A powerful CMS where you can switch any tab by a single drag and drop, in realtime!
Where all modifications are viewable in seconds, in all devices (smartphones and tablets) for Android, iOS and Html5 website.

– First you will have your account open with a few tabs to begin.
You will upload your background images, your icon tabs, your content inside the tabs.
– Second, once published on stores, you will manage and update your content. You will add a few more tabs, if needed. You will add another home screen and assign it a new link inside the App. You remove or add icon tabs, maybe make a choice of a new icon tab among our big archive.

You want to add several “Youtube Tab” to have a few video tab available?
It’s already done.

It’s time to discover the Reservoir Apps CMS, the future is now!

2019 © The Reservoir Apps Team.

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